Graven Images

  By:Paul Fleischman


                                       A woman who always sad because of her son. She lost her son. She have a servant name Tekoa. She always trying to help her. One day three woman understood her that she will find her son if she know where she lost her son. There’s a boy who told everything to Mr.Quince. One time he went to the Ms. Cathfly’s library. She saw a girl name Juliana.When he saw her he didn’t say anything. The library going to almost close so, Ms. Cathfly called Juliana. When Nicholas came out of the library  he thought Juliana gave a little love sign. There is also a man really scare ghost or spirit but, in one night he really meet with ghost and a spirit.

                                         My favorite character is the man who scare a ghost or a spirit because, we have self connect too. I also scare ghost and a spirit. He did scared that ghost and spirit but he helped a lot.  They also helped him. After they helped each other they became a friend. The author wrote this book for children. When he realized this story. She thought the book will good for children. 

                                          I will give this book 5 terrific stars because the author use good grammar in this book. I like this book also because this is kind of spooky. Sometimes some author use a lot of said or then. this author describe the said into adverb also he use some sequence word to describe the then. I think this book should be winner in newbwrry honor. If want to read this book please read it this is going to good for children. this book can also help for use grammar.

                                          Call no. SC Fle BKCD 

                                          Reviewer MB Ms. Rieth

Scary Stories

Author:Alvin Schwartz

                                     Genre(s): Fiction

                                       Are you brave enough for scary stories? This book have more 22 stories that makes you feel really scary. Inside the book there’s a story that makes you laugh. There is also 5 contents  that have strange and scary things,1. “AAAAAAAAAAAH!” 2. HE  HEARD  FOOTSTEPS  COMING  UP  THE  CELLAR  STAIRS…3. THEY  EAT  YOUR  EYES, THEY  EAT  YOUR  NOSE 4. OTHER  DANGERS 5. “AAAAAAAAAAAH!”

                                       This book have a lot of character and lot of illustrations. My favorite story is  “The White Wolf .” In this story there’s a theme you can learn. This theme will help children when they  get older. This story is talking about wolf, how people kill wolf but still this is spooky. The author wrote this book because to explore everything from humor to tales and legends of all kinds and to tell how many scary stories can have in our world. This book is just one part of  his matchless folklore collection.

                                        I give this book 5 terrific stars because this book have some theme that you can learn for your life. If a reader read this book he will amazed how author gives details. The author used good grammar in this book. The book  will good for young readers. This book is also good for other ages of people who wants to heard some scary stories in the dark. If  a young reader read this book he/she can tell her/his parents or brother, sister. Please read this book NOW  !

                                        Call No. 398.2 Sch

                                         Reviewer MB Ms. Rieth

Scary Stories Treasury

By: Alvin Schwartz

Genre: Horror

Alvin Schwartz’ series of horrifying tales will give you chills in your bones. There are many stories that you might not want to read all alone. Read them if you dare.

One of my favorite stories is called The Viper. It is about a woman who gets a phone call from someone who says he’s the Viper. He is actually a man who can’t pronounce his W’s. He is not the Viper, he is the Wiper. She gets really scared and calls the police. She hears a knock on the door and she’s relieved that the police are here. But is it really the police or the Viper?!

But this book isn’t all so scary. There is a whole chapter of tales that will not scare you but make you laugh.

I recommend this book to all readers who love the chill of horror. I rate this book five stars, for its hilarious and bone chilling illustrations, and amazingly scary tales to tell in the dark!

Call No.: 398.2 Sch

MM Mr.Chapuis

The Ghost of Fossil Glen

The Ghost of Fossil GlenThe Ghost of Fossil Glen
Cynthia Defelice
This book is about a girl named Allie Nichols who lives by a cliff and loves to go looking for fossils. So one day she was out and this girl seemed to be talking to her. It turned out to be a ghost! A girl who fell off the steep rock cliff and died. The only person who seems to be interested in what she has to say about this ghost this her old friend Dub. What does this ghost girl want and will Allie be able to help her?
My favorite character is Allie because she likes to help poor ghost like these and will stop at nothing to help this ghost.
I rate this book 4 1/2 stars because it kept me into the book and I actually  felt like I was in the book watching over Allie!

Hunt For The Seventh

Hunt For The Seventh

Christine Morton-Shaw


Jim moved from his home to the place where his Dad worked. The old rusty spider web mansion is where they are supposed to live in for a while! But when Jim suddenly sees how the kids there died, he does more than get into trouble! The kids keep saying, Find the seventh! Will Jim put these kids to rest and what does find the seventh mean?

My favorite character is Einstein, because he is smart and he befriends with Jim. I think that they make a great pair! I think the author wrote this book to entertain kids about a ghost story.

I rate this this book 4 stars because it was a great book and kept me on my toes!

F Mor




Ruined: A Ghost StoryRuined

Paula Morris
This story is about a girl named Rebecca who moved to  New Orleans to her Aunt Claudia. One night she fallows a group of kids into a cemetery and meets a nice ghost that haunts the cemetery. She gets to know the ghost and finds out that no Bowmans’ daughter has ever made it to 16. Will Rebecca find out what the curse is and try to it break?
My favorite character is Lisette, because she tries to help and protect Rebecca and they both trust each  other. I think the author wrote this book, because he wanted to entertain you about a ghost story.
I rate this book 5 stars, because it is a great book and I really liked the details and the  clear conflict.
HF Mor



Closed for the Season

Closed for the SeasonClosed for the Season

Mary Downing Hahn

Realistic Fiction

Closed for the Season is about a boy named Logan who moves to a house that no one has been in for 3 years! Logan’s neighbor, Arthur, says that a women named Myrtle Donaldson was murdered in that house and her money she gave to someone in the Magic Forest was never found. Will Logan and Arthur find out who killed Myrtle Donaldson and what happened to her money?

My favorite character is Logan, because he tries and never gives up, and even though Arthur can be a Mr.-know-it-all, Logan knows that he needs Arthur to find out this Mystery.

I rate this book 4 1/2 stars, because it was a great mystery book and I would suggest this book to the ghost book lovers!

F Hah



The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield HallThe Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

Mary Downing Hahn


This book is about a girl named Florence who moves to: Her Uncle that respects her, an Aunt that highly dislikes her, her cousin James who never really gets out, and a ghost niece, Sophia, of her aunt who tries to befriend with Florence, but then Florence realized a dare that has been made and Sophia seems to need revenge for something. What is it? Does it have todo with her aunt?

My favorite character is Florence, because, she knows what’s right and what’s wrong. In this book that is important, because Sophia would try to make Florence do things that she knows is wrong.

I rate this book 4 1/2 because it was a very interesting spooky ghost story. It keeps you on your toes because poor James has to go though a very scary and hard time.

F Hah



The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

 The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

by Mary Downing Hahn


12 year old Florence is looking forward to her new life in Crutchfield hall after the grim orphanage she just left, her new ‘parents’ Aunt & Uncle have different emotions on seeing Florence, Uncle is totally fine on seeing Florence but Aunt was expecting her to come the day after.The next few weeks, Florence hears noises coming all over her, and she might think that Crutchfield hall is haunted.

a few days later, Spohia, the ghost who died the year before, appears, she looks HIDEOUS!!! she forces florence to help her, and kill Sophia’s brother to bring Sophia back to life, will Sophia’s plan work? check it out in this book!

F Hah

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