Lost and Found

Andrew Clements


It’s pretty much about two twins named Ray and Jay and how every day one stays home and the other goes to school. They look so alike that the students and teachers at school can’t tell the difference between the two twins. They also get confused because they think that theirs only one brother.

Andrew Clements also made fantastic books like Frindle and many other amazing books! It was illustrated by Mark Elliot. It’s a chapter book from the Oakridge library.

I rate this book four stars because of the writing and the exciting moments. I recommend this book to fourth and fifth graders that like fiction books.

F Cle


Alex Rider : Stormbreaker

Alex Rider Stormbreaker

Author : Anthony Horowitz AlexRider

Genre: Action and Adventure

Summary : Everybody heard that is uncle Ian Rider had died in a car accident. But Alex Rider knows through his heart that he did NOT die like that, he thinks it is a lie. The bullet holes in the windshield proves it. After the funeral he suspected the truth Alex’s uncle Ian, is actually a spy for London/Britain’s top secret intelligence agency. And now, they recruit him to be a spy for them because Ian Rider has died, they are sending him on a mission to find his uncle’s killers…….. STORMBREAKER……..

Additional Information : There is a movie on Alex Rider read the book first ! There is a whole series on Alex Rider series. Anthony Horowitz is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

This is the series, there is also a book called Russian Roulette in the Alex rider series hope you read it !

AlexRiderEbooks     Call # F Hor




This is the movie !!!

Recommendation : I give this book 5 stars because it has action and a thrilling adventure and When you start reading you won’t stop.


A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in TimeA Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet Series #1)

Author: Madeline L’Engle

Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Do you like mysteries? If you do I think you will love this book! The main characters of the book are Meg Murry, Charles Wallace (Meg’s brother), Calvin (Meg’s friend), Mrs.Who, Mrs.Which, and Mrs. Whatsit. They all embark on a journey to find Meg’s father. Meg’s father disappeared while on a journey to study time travel. What will happen next? You will just have to read the book to find out!

Additional Information: If you like books that are quite mysterious and whimsical, I think you will like this book.

Recommendation: I give this book a 4 1/2 stars because I think this book was very detailed and I think the author was very creative with this book. The characters of the book had their own personality. There were things in the book that I didn’t expect, but I did enjoy.

Call No.: F LEn

GR Sanguino

The Lost Queen

lost queen Short summary:   Tania searches for her lost fearie mother Queen Titania. Tania lives in the mortal world and then evil comes before the search is finished. Will Tania find the Queen?
Additional Information:  This book was made in 2007. This is book 2 from The Fearie Path.                                                                                                                                                                    
My recommendation:   I recommend this book 4 1/2 stars because it was really interesting and imaginative.                                                                                                                                
Call No. F Jon (Kenmore middle school)

Reviewer: M.A

Sugar and Ice


Title: Sugar and Ice

Author: Kate Messner

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Do you like to ice skate? Claire loves to ice skate on the frozen cow pond with her special cousin, Charlotte. One day Claire has to make a decision that changes her whole life and takes her away from the cow pond. Read Sugar and Ice to figure out what happens when she makes her decision.

Additional Information:

For other exciting books by Kate Messner go to www.katemessner.com.


I would give this book 4 1/2 stars because it is very interesting and has characters who seem horrible and they end up being wonderful. People who like realistic fiction might like this book.

Call Number: F Mes

GF Sanguino



Nathan Hales “HAZARDOUS TALES” (K.F.H)

One Dead Spy (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales)AUTHOR: Nathan Hale

Genre: Historical Fiction

One Dead Spy is about the Revolutionary War.A patriot secret spy named Nathan Hale is captured by the British.The British were going to hang Nathan for spying on the them.But when the soldier said to Nathan “Any last words?”,then Nathan started to tell his stories about his history when he was working for the north.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It’s fun to read and it’s awesome. The author is Nathan Hale and also the illustrator is Nathan Hale.His illustrations are so exciting, they keep me reading.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I give this book five stars because the book is an graphic novel and its really good to read anywhere. I could never put the book down.

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

Author:Shelia Turnage

Genres:Realistic fiction,mystery


Sixth grader Mo LoBeau has already solved one murder this summer. School is starting to role around in small town of Tupelo Landing. A mystery is happening in Tupelo Landing, when  Grandmother Lacy Thornton buys a small old inn on the other side of town. Mo ,and Dale try an solve a mystery about a ghost, and meet people they did not expect they were going to meet.

This is a long a waited sequel to Three Times Lucky. In the beginning it is realistic fiction ,then it starts to become a mystery. I used some parts in this book for my summary.

This book would be perfect for Sherlock Holmes fans, since of the mystery. I give the book four and a half stars. Since the beginning of this book was kind of interesting but the rest of the book was interesting.

Call number:F Tur



Bud, Not Buddy

Author:Christopher Paul Curtis

Genre(s):  Historical fiction                                                                                        


Will Bud find his Dad? This book is about an orphan named Bud who tries to find his dad because he never met him. He goes on adventures  and he finds clues along the way. Do you thing Bud will find his dad? Read the book to find out!

Additional Information:

This book won the Newbery Award. The author also wrote The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963.The publisher is Scholastic (www. Scholastic.com.)


I give this book 4 stars for the adventures and clues and who he lives with, but the question is will Bud find his dad? To find out, read the book!

Call No. F Curtis

Reviewer:D.M  Sanguino